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ZERO ZERO Clamping Nut

>>ZERO-ZERO Clampin Nut | >>P1 Prodigy | >>Tool Shuttle
Achieve 0 runout within one minute with a simple collet.

This is Zero-Zero

Another milestone for process optimization
The specially developed clamping nut with symmetrically arranged screws on the circumference makes it possible.
The clamping nut is split in two so that the inner ring can be moved minimally.
Tolerance differences can be eliminated via a simple technical solution.

Concentricity optimization via 6 screws
Reaming possible without shuttle device
Increase of tool life
Surface improvement
Safe alignment also in the spindle or on the tool turret
Spindle runout errors can be compensated

Zero Zero Spannmutter

Operating instructions
Use collets with a standard clamping range, not high-precision collets
Clamp tool with nominal diameter e.g. Ø 8, use collet 8-7
Clamp the tool as usual with the Zero-Zero nut
Adjust the concentricity via the 6 hexagon socket screws on the outer diameter of the nut
Make sure that all screws are under pretension
Process your workpiece ...

 W112364 | 116-ZERO-ZERO
 W112384 | 120-ZERO-ZERO
 W112385 | 125-ZERO-ZERO
 W112386 | 132-ZERO-ZERO
 W112387 | 140-ZERO-ZERO


Prodigy Reinigungspropeller
Prodigy P1 is the perfect tool for removing material chips, coolant or contaminants.

A breeze of fresh air for workpiece or fixture cleaning

Chip and emulsion removal or drying processes via the tool spindle.


  • can be clamped in a Weldon or collet chuck Drm. 20  
  • Programming is identical to that of a milling operation
  • By varying the speed, the air flow volume can be dosed


  • Internal coolant supply for pre-cleaning of the workpiece
  • Clean workpieces, e.g. before a process-integrated measuring operation
  • Reduction of emulsion consumption by blowing off in the machine room
  • Solid design (steel shaft with Weldon holder made of US-4140 steel)
  • Rotor blades easily exchangeable

Prodigy Reinigungspropeller
Prodigy Reinigungspropeller
W116945  P1.Prodigy
Diameter: 20 mm
Speed: 5.000-8.000 U/rpm
Length (Blades): 114 mm
D (opened): 254 mm
D (closed): 142 mm
W118567  P2.Prodigy
Diameter: 20 mm
Speed: 6.000-12.000 U/rpm
Length (Blades): 36 mm
D (opened): 160 mm
D (closed): 64 mm
Prodigy Flyer
Safety First

Prodigy Replacement Kit
Prodigy Replacement Kit
Prodigy Replacement Kit
Replacement Kit

W116946   P1.PRODIGY-RK1
1 Blade (including extension spring)

W116947   P1.PRODIGY-RK4
4 Blades (including extension springs)

W118568   P2.PRODIGY-RK1
1 Blade (including extension spring)

W118569  P2.PRODIGY-RK4
4 Blades (including extension springs)

W118522    P1.PRODIGY-RK003
Spare Parts (Inch):
1x Nylon Insert Nut Lock |  4x Extension Springs
1x Retaining Washer | 1x Spring Hook Washer

W118523    P1.PRODIGY-RK005
Spare Parts (metric):
1x Nylon Insert Nut Lock |  4x Extension Spring
1x Retaining Washer | 1x Spring Hook Washer

W118524    P1.PRODIGY-RK004
Spare Parts: Molded Hub Base (red) | Molded Hub Nose (black)

 W116945 P1.Prodigy
 W118567 P2.Prodigy
 W116946 P1.Prodigy-RK1
 W116947 P1.Prodigy-RK4
 W118568 P2.Prodigy-RK1
 W118569 P2.Prodigy-RK4
 W118522 P1.Prodigy-RK003 (inch)
 W118524 P1.Prodigy-RK004
 W118523 P1.Prodigy-RK005 (metrisch)
Contact Information

Prodigy Manual


EWS Group's TC series is the perfect tooling system for storage and staging.

Storage and transport system TC | TS

Choose from 4 basic models:

  • Table stand
1 Tool carrier - up to 24 tools
  • Table stand TC-200
2 Tool carriers - up to 48 tools
  • Floor stand TC-500
5 Tool carriers- upt to 120 tools
  • Tool Shuttle TS-400
4 Tool carriers - up to 96 tools

Tool Shuttle
tool carrier VDI16 - 24 tools
tool carrier VDI20 - 20 tools
tool carrier VDI25 - 20 tools
tool carrier VDI30 - 12 tools
tool carrier VDI40 - 10 tools
tool carrier VDI50 - 10 tools

tool carrier PSC (CAPTO) - 20 tools
tool carrier PSC (CAPTO) - 20 tools
tool carrier PSC (CAPTO) - 20 tools
Tool carrier VARIA V3/VX3 - 20 tools
Tool carrier VARIA V4/VX4 - 20 tools
Tool carrier VARIA V5 - 10 tools

or on the back of the tool shuttle:

TT-280 Storage tray (280x600mm)

Matching tool carriers:
(individually selectable)

tool carrier SK30/BT30 - 20 tools
tool carrier SK40/BT40 - 20 tools
tool carrier SK50/BT50 - 10 tools

tool carrier HSK40 - 20 tools
tool carrier HSK50 - 20 tools
tool carrier HSK63 - 20 tools
tool carrier HSK80 - 12 tools
tool carrier HSK100 - 10 tools
Tool Shuttle
Tool Shuttle
TS400     3x - TP..

and (alternatively):

1x - TP.. or 1x - TT280

TC100 / TC200 or TC500

1x - TP.. (TC-100)
2x - TP.. (TC-200)
5x - TP.. (TC-500)
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