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Katalog Reduzierhülse
Ø16  hydraulic reduction sleeves
Neu im Programm
hydraulic reductions sleeves
hydraulic reduction sleeves with outer diameter 16 mm.
reduces to 06, 08, 10 and 12mm.

From now on in our portfolio

Suitable Hydraulic Chucks in our Toolholder Program

Discover the World of Collets

We have a large stock of standard collets ready for you.

For tool clamping especially ER collets according to DIN6499 and OZ collets according to DIN6388.

Choose from a variety of tapping collets or collets for workpiece clamping.

ER Floating Collets
Radial compensation eliminates slight center errors. Floating collets replace floating holders, preferably use in driven tools.

Find this collet in our collet catalog (page 7.35).

From now on in our portfolio

Katalog Spannzangen
DIN6499 ISO15488
DIN6388 ISO10897
Draw-In Collets
...or online at the Tool-Arenaa.
Banner Tool Arena


Square turning steel with precision cooling
Internal coolant supply, suitable for EWS square toolholder.
(ISO inserts not in the delivery program.)

Reference tool holders
Schneidplatte DN1506
DN.. 15 06..
Schneidplatte CN1204
CN.. 12 04..
Schneidplatte WN0804
WN.. 08 04..
Werkzeugaufnahme HSK-T
with P-Clamping:
PDNN 62.5° / PWLN 95° / PCLN 95° / PDJN 93°

with T-Clamping:
TDNN 62.5° / TWLN 95° / TCLN 95° / TDJN 93°

From now on in our portfolio

Drehstahl innengekühlt
Zeichnung Drehstahlhalter
Katalog Coolturning
Turning steels with internal cooling
T and P clamping

antivibration boring bars

sometimes silence is the best answer

The vibration-damped boring bars are used for long projections up to 10 times the bar diameter, ensuring good productivity and tight tolerances. The tools are designed to minimize vibration through a patented damping system inside the tool. Combine the boring bars with different cutting heads to get a variable system.

Also in special lengths or with fixed clamping system.
 Your advantages

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved surface finish
  • Lower cost per part

  • Internal coolant supply
  • ISILIK tool damping mechanism
  • Long overhang up to 10xD

  • Internal turning
  • Significant increase in cutting data
  • Productivity increase from 3 x D
Katalog Bohrstangen
vibration damped boring bars
Exchangeable cutting heads
ISO26623-1 boring bars (vibration damped)

WSW boring bars
  • Minimize tool overhang and select the largest possible diameter for optimum stability and accuracy.
  • The clearance between the boring bar and the inside of the hole is important for chip evacuation and to avoid radial deflection
  • Cylindrical holders with screws are not recommended
  • Due to the design of the turret of a CNC lathe, the rigidity is usually reduced.
  • To achieve the best result, a clamping length of at least 4 x Dm should be ensured.
  • For the best performance of the boring bar, the contact, design and dimensional tolerance between tool and tool holder are important factors

  • The best stability is achieved with a holder that completely encloses the bar

You need a vibration damped boring bar in special lengths or with a alternativ clamping system (HSK, CAPTO, KM, VDI, usw.)?

Get in touch... we are here for you...

antivibration tools by WSW Isilik

Setting Tool & Accessories

Tool Setting Adapter
Katalog Einstelladapter
Tool Shuttle
Katalog Zubehör
Clamping nuts, clamping wrenches
Storage and transport systems

Tool Setting Adapter SK50
ISO10889  ISO12164  ISO26223  BMT

zero zero
P1 Prodigy
Precision Stop
Flyer Spannzangenanschlag
This universal stop system for F collets leads to time savings and stop reliability and fulfills the requirements of practical applicability to the highest degree. The precise adjustment and locking technology guarantees that the desired stop dimensions are maintained. This eliminates scrap turned parts in this area.

Moser Precision Stop also offers the optimum in terms of simplicity and handling. With just one Allen key, all moving parts are fixed absolutely securely with three screws and the stop is held immovably without the slightest tensioning of the tongs. The stop system can be adapted to any turned part in a matter of minutes.

You receive the system as a universal set in a practical wooden case with all the correct stop plates (bolts) for each collet diameter.

The stop body including the spindle is made of INOX material 1.4305 or 1.4034 and partially hardened. The stop discs and pins are nitrided and provided with a durable oxidation protection.
Moser Mechanik
Wir sind offizieller Vertreter für Europa (ohne die Schweiz)
We are the official representative for Europe (excluding Switzerland)
Nous sommes le représentant officiel pour l'Europe (à l'exception de la Suisse)
Somos el representante oficial para Europa (excepto Suiza)


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